I like this girl please help?

So there was this girl I liked since 7th grade and i feel ashamed cause im in 10th grade now and I have went through girls since that time but I never got the courage to tell her I like her cause I was always trying to impress her and I made her laugh nonstop and I'm really not that funny if a guy we were always partners in class since 7th grade but then she got a boyfriend last year currently not with him anymore I shrugged it off and said since i never told her it's over now so I did wrestling for 6 months and I COMPELTE forgot about everything in the world and I thought I would never talk or see her again but that events happened now we are all going to hang out at the mall since i talk to her again all my feelings came back keep in mind this hurts me writing this cause I am usually a very hard and conceal my feelings type person i never tell my feelings to no one but I want to tell her I like her but don't want to jeopardize us all hanging out because of some stupid feelings coming back about her she prob won't be supposed I wanna snap chat her and tell her cause I won't be able to tell her in person until we go to the mall but every one will be with us so I can't say it then but I don't know there's never been a girl like he she just treats me differently from the rest 😔😔 please help...


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  • Whatever you do don't snapchat her and tell her you like her I don't think that would sit to well with her so in my opinion I think you need to do it in person. And I know it's hard to do it I liked a girl for two years before I got the nerves to ask her out. Now if you truly do have feelings for this girl let them out ( don't be creepy and say you like her right when you first see her) go on this group date and Hahn out with her have a good time find out if you really do like her and then maybe after that you ask her if she would want to do a one-on-one date then after a couple of dates with just you and her then tell her how you feel. Because jumping right in and telling her you like her could Scare her off so take it slow and just be cool, clam, and collected around her


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  • Oh, I figured it hurt you to write cause it seems you struggle with the English language and you're missing a period key.

    Let your feelings out and ask her out man. Nothing to lose in reality. Tell her you wanna hang out with her just 1 on 1 then tell her you like her a lot.

  • When you go to the mall try to get her attention and tell her you need to talk to her. You just suggest that you both separate from the rest of the group so you can talk and then you tell her in a nondesperate way.

    • But I mean that would be weird but I'll try and I want to tell her but I was just thinking bout telling her over snapchat 2moro

    • Do whatever is easier for you. I would recommend doing it in person cause it's more personal and you get to see her reaction.