How to deal with my mom?

So I have a problem there this guy that I met online. We been talking for awhile now and I really like him. He been wanting to come over and hangout which I have no problem. The thing is whenever he do ita always late at nigh which again I don't have a problem with. The problem is my mom, see I once was going to stay over his house but my mom didn't want me to. She even once said she wouldn't allowed me to o. Now I live with my mom and I am 23. I feel like im grown so I should be able to make my own decisions without her trying to control me. I understand that she is looking out for me. It is getting really hard to meet this guy because of my mom. And she tells me she wants to meet him and all that but I feel there is no need to at least not yet. So what should I do? Now I wouldn't bring a guy to her nouse late at night because it is her house and I understand that. Which is why I choose to go to his place but she have a problem with that.


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  • Move out. Her house, her rules

  • Ask the guy if he would be ok with meeting your mom. If I liked a girl and she wanted me to meet her mom so she could spend time with me I definitely would. But as far as your mom goes you should really talk to her in a respective manner that your not a child. I definitely don't mean to offend but 23 is way to old to still be under your moms thumb.


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