No matches on tinder? What gives?

I know it's stupid that I'm asking a tinder question on GaG, but I'm curious. I made a profile a few days ago and have been casually swiping through, but I haven't gotten any likes! (that I know of yet). I've been told several times by girls (and even a few guys) that I'm hot/cute/attractive, I'm in excellent shape (weightlifting and running), and I actually have my shit together unlike most highschool kids and 18 year olds (enlisting in the army, applying to westpoint, and signing a contract for ranger school). I am relatively picky with women and I swipe right once for every 15-20 profiles that I see, but still no likes. Am I just too mature for the girls in my age group? Because from what I've seen even the 19-20 years olds on tinder are usually immature as hell. Am I too picky? Am I doing something else wrong? Or should I wait longer?


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