What is the difference?

What is the difference dating and being someone bf/gf? My friend thinks I'm dating this guy I'm talking to but I said I'm not, so tell me what it all is. It been talking with this guy for awhile he imitated flirting saying things like I'll love him one day and let's get this relationship going lol well I went to visit him for a week. He was great he treated me like a girlfriend and such just pure amazing. He's not ready for a girlfriend he said as he's been cheated on a has a hard time trusting people. Anyway I home now we talk everyday for the most part. There are some days we don't which I don't mind. I'm initiating more so now as he did before it's ok. So what is this all considered as my friend thinks we are dating but I don't consider it to be even though I want something with this guy. What do you all think or what is this?


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