What should I do? im stuck?

Im stuck i need to move out asap, im 23 and i have been way too long in my moms house with a psycho sister. I have a choice to stay in my hometown, but my hometown is extremely boring to me, they are barely any people (175.000) which isn't much. But its safe classy, on the other hand i have troubling finding a man, i can also move out to another city 610.000 people, full of culture, food, places to go out etc. But the city is ghetto. Its just the people that ruin it for me. What should i do? help!


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  • the entire city is ghetto? seems hard to believe but regardless. is there somewhere else you could move aside from the two options you listed?

    at 23 you should certainly feel free to move out from your family

    • its just the people that are too ghetto-ish for me

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    • rotterdam in holand

    • ahhh I know of what you speak. I thought Rotterdam was fairly nice? I had friends study there in college

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  • If you want to move out then move out! If you thin you're going to be happier then go ahead, who cares if it's ghetto, for as many 'ghetto' people there is, there's a classy person, don't just assume! (:

    • no i already agreed to stay in my hometown in a room i rented for about 6 months for about another 5 months to ge my head together in my hometown, it will be a bit boring to me but whatever thats life.


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  • Stay in your hometown. Safety is important. You can become bored anywhere. . . . because boredom is more about you than your surroundings. Staying close to your family is important (yes, I know you can't appreciate that now but it's true). The right guy will come along no matter where you choose to live.

  • You need to get two jobs.


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