Dating advice for something inexperienced?

I've had to put this into a file and add it as a picture becuase there is a lot of information to it but it is all important.

Dating advice for something inexperienced?

Also something else I just thought of there: This isn't a normal date; regardless of what happens we will still be seeing each other at these events. If I've had, say, one date with her and the next time I see her is at one of these events, how do I act around her? How close to I act with her, how do I talk to her, and for how often?
Here is a link to what it says in the picture:

https://gyazo. com /ea84f522ee85a394c91e5e29219d2ea8


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  • Yeah man I'd love to help, but it's unreadable. I'm on my iPhone and I saved it and tried to zoom it, but it's all unreadable

  • I don't know how to break this to you, but... I can't read any of that 😕

    • Hmm it seems quite readable to me... Can you save the image?