Girls, Starting to believe this?

Should I just settle for any girl that comes along now cause i struggle getting a below average, average, above average or hot girl it's frustrating I don't wanna be single forever I'm 24 I never had sex.


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  • You should never settle for just any girl. That just makes you look easy and if you look like that to girls you are setting yourself up to be used. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 25 and I'm a pretty girl. So don't feel bad. Your still young. Just live your life to its fullest and someone will eventually come along because there is someone out there for everyone :)

    Please answer my question?


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  • DEFINITELY NOT. People who think like this end up with divorced marriages. Then where will you be at age 39, without a wife? Back at square 1? you have to be in love with the person, you will find her and it might be a struggle but honestly, it will be well worth it