Help me mak a decision?

Should i stay in my hometown for at least another six months or should i drop that and leave to another bigger city (even tho i start school there in februari 2016). Ill be stuck in my hometown untill the end of march 2016. What can i do? I m scared to be alone in a big city, scared i won't make friends, or fit in, im 23 year old woman by the way. what should i do?


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  • If you're stuck doing the same thing with no progress, the only way to improve is to change the environment. You can't be afraid of moving, thought the fear is legitimate, because it could ruin a lot of opportunity for you to be happy. I was nervous when I moved for the first time, but you have to remember that there are lots of people (even more in the big city) and lots of chances for friendship and romance. He could be waiting for you to move and you can't meet because you're still there.

  • You WILL make friends. Just weigh the pros and cons


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