Guys, my boyfriend said the nicest things about me when we met over the weekend but after the weekend his texting is limited? Why is that?

But makes time for other things... Messagining others... Social Media... He has not responded to my message... At first I thought.. He was busy but when I heard he is messaging others... I am wondering what is going on? ANy thoughts please? ...


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  • I would chill if I were you. He is probably just trying to be cool, and/or he isn't a big texter.

    • I doubt that.. Loves to text when he is with me... He will be browsing a lot on social media...

  • Can you find out who else he's messaging? See what's a more of a priority for his texting than you?

    • Yeah our mutual friends.. they talked about just regular stuff... And he is busy making time t like girls pics on social media... and no message from him today.. isn't it nice to message ur girl everyday just to see how u are doing and it shows u care about that person.. or about... ur thinking of them...