New york date ideas?

So i just moved to New York for college and i have a date! Plus i dont drink.. But he does, loves it. So any suggestions of what we should do? He said to think of something and let him know.


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  • Museums, aquariums, compliment his raci- DRIVING skills. Bungee jumping, rent a jet ski
    ( expensive but really fun ! )

    Try, a quick grub first, men love food. 😉

    Then, your choice of listed.

    Then home ! or a late night movie, be nice if you can find a drive through theater -wink wink -

    I'd bring a 6 pack in a cooler. just in case he wants beer. hahahaha ! Cheers ! xo

    • Bungee jumping and jet skiing. Omg why dont all guys come up with these ideas man! I also love the drive in idea, first time to actually hear about this! :D thankss a lot


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  • Go bowling and play pool. Do karaoke together the list is endless. lol

    • I suck at bowling and pool but i enjoy them a lot. Haha, so would it be a good idea you think?

    • Yes it's fun and a great way to talk and get to know him better. Also you can just walk through the park or eat icecream or do a coffee date. You can also do a museum date. I think it depends on what you feel comfortable with doing?

  • I really like going to The Metropolitan museum of art.. it only costs $1 lol
    but he might not like it...

    I used to take dates to the bronx zoo or botanical gardens...
    are you talking about Manhattan Specifically?

    • Nope. Anywhere, but around not hours far from queens.

    • The Bronx might be a bit far then...
      I am not familiar with queens at all 😕

  • Where in NY are you?

    • Queens

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    • Really? Oh nicee, so you know around. Im in Bayside

    • Well, consider going into the city. Or, once the Mets win this goddam game that's on right now, get Mets tickets! Flushing Park is nice right now with the trees changing. If you have a car, consider driving all the way out to Orient Point or head up into the Hudson Valley. For instance, go out to dinner at a restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. It's not too expensive because these are chefs in training. My wife and I went there this time of year and it was magnificent.

  • I never dated anyone.

  • They have non alcoholic drinks at bars and clubs, just cause you do t drink doesn't mean he can't, go to a bar and get something non alcoholic


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  • I used to live Near the Big Apple but close enough to know More in store is all Around and In the City that Never sleeps here, dear.
    Theater, restaurants, shopping, walking all over the bright and big city, going to pubs and listening to music.
    However, with a First date, it might be nice to Begin your Beginning Beguine, in a quiet atmosphere of just going to a quiet place to grab a bite, and see how that goes and flows.
    Good Luck... Christmas in Manhattan is the Best from the Rest. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie for the upvote. xxoo

    • Anytime. I loved your answer, all the suggestions are just comfortable for me and fun.

    • Oh, thank you so much, and if you both one day really like one another and get to know one another like maybe More than a date mate, lots of hotels that you can click on to for great rates for a fun filled weekend for Two.:)) xxoo

  • What part of NY? I live up near Canada... and NY varries a lot.
    The city? The Mountains? Farmland?

    I have some ideas though, walk through a park, a nice restaurant, the mall to walk around to talk and hang out? What about an activity both of you enjoy?

    • I live in queens, bayside. Is there any golf places around? Do you know?

    • Oh my gosh haha. I told you there's quite the difference in NY! I've never been to that part of NY, I would google it and see! That would be a fun idea though! Maybe a coffee shop after =)

    • Yea that's what i was thinking

  • broadway !

  • You're new to NY he should be the one with ideas.

    Already a red flag

    • He suggested going to some bar he loves but i just want to change plans.

  • There's literally EVERYthing to do in New York! Even just walking around is an event!

    Last time I was there, I was approached by a monk, and saw a person charging 15 dollars for advice. lol!

    Doing absolutely nothing... is something in New York. God. I love NYC.

    I feel like this question would be better... what shouldn't I do? And the answer is nothing! Do everything!

  • Is it like NYC? If so, there is some really amazing architecture. He can take you on a guided tour of the city, go to a nice place to eat. Maybe try Spirited Brooklyn (it's like a dessert and drink place), Motorino (pizza place), or maybe Fanelli’s Cafe if you are in Soho.

    Or you can go to Central Park Zoo, there's a lot there. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is pretty. I love museums, so I go to those as well!

  • I would say try to go to a party or when he wants to drink bring a volka bottle that has been cleaned and filled with water so he will never know! Im a clever 13 year old

    • Hahaha he already knows but his reaction was a bit weird so i just dont want him to feel that im different or something so i was trying to avoid the drinking thing for awhile