Girls, why are sports considered such a more actractive hobby for guys to have than video games, assuming the guy takes care of himself?

When it comes down to it both of these are just common hobbies guys use to entertain themselves. Not all guys who play video games are out of shape social pariahs and not all giys who like sports are in shape, a lot of them just like watching on tv. So why the stigma? Is it that video games are considered to be meant for kids? Because some of the most immature people I've ever met were sport junkies.


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  • I think it's because as you said, people assume someone who is very into gaming is antisocial, out of touch with the real world, and out of shape. I think the secondary issue is that girls assume that the video games will take her guy away from her for hours upon hours every day (because you can play any time you want) whereas with a guy who likes to watch sports on TV, the games are only on at certain times, for a certain number of hours- this way a girl will know there's time for her. Also, girls generally feel more comfortable joining in sports activities with their boyfriends (like watching on TV) than they do with playing a video game, so it's a hobby that is less intimidating for her to be a part of/share with him. Obviously the exception is girls who are gamers themselves, but chances are most girls are not. However if they are, it can be really hot if the guy they're into shares their interest and is really good at it too.


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  • Fitness. Strength. Stamina.

    Sorry, but managing to get the Giant Achievement in Black Ops doesn't impress many girls...