What is wrong with this guy and how to deal with him?

A new guy at work is a such a big asshole, at first glance I thought he was so hot but as soon as he started speaking he turned out to be such an asshole and he is a really mean person everything he says is meaner than thing before, I don't want to date him or anything I just don't know how the fuck to deal with him if he is in my face 24/7?

  • Talk to him and be nice
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  • Ignore him
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  • Be mean back
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  • Is he mean to you in particular or to people in general?

    • Just me haha I don't know what I did to him

  • yeah he clearly has ISSUES remember HURT people HURT people or act NASTY if he were a HAPPY well rounded person he would NOT be an azz that u say he is - so yeah be the bigger person be nice and ignore his nastiness OR in time ASK him what hurting u why are u so mean and nasty whats the problem... HE might tell u... even HOT people have bad lives sometimes... good luck!!!