How do you deal with a situation where your significant other has a dispute with someone, and you actually agree with the other person?

I am told this is one of my biggest weaknesses in dating... I don't think it is right to simply side with someone simply because they are my girlfriend- I side with who I think is right. Pretty much every girl I have dated and sort of talked about our relationship aferwards brought this up. Not necessarily as a deal breaker, just something that bothered them enough to mention.

Not sure if this is more a problem women have with men more often than the other way, or it is just me here as well.


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  • Well while I might not always voice my disagreeing opinion, I am not going to magically agree just because they are my SO. If they cannot discuss it then that puts a strain on the relationship; we also don't have to agree on everything.


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  • Depends on a subject, I would either back up my significant other, or I would keep quiet out of courtesy, considering his feelings.


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  • I think when girls tell you about a dispute they had they just want to feel reassured.