Does he likes me or does he likes sleeping with me?

I have never had sex outiside of a relationship but I met this guys 2 months ago and the chemistry was amazing.
I though he just wanted sex and it was ok for me but he is confusing me. He text me everyday and we talk about everything or if we don't see each other for a week he just say how much he miss me and we actually have dates. Even if at the end we still have sex.

How can I know without asking him directly? Yesterday I slept on his house and he told me that cuddling with me all night was enough for him. Because I was very tired for sex.


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  • I think he is actually starting to catch feelings the best way is to be direct you do not want to fall for him if he doesn't reciprocate ask him how does he feel about you?


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  • If you've got to ask, I'm gonna say he probably just likes sleeping with you.

  • In my opinion he likes you.