Is this a good birthday gift?

I am 23 i am a marketing student my last year, i recently got a boyfriend, my first ever. He turns 27 on Saturday and he has a great job and a good education and has more money than me.
He specifically told me to not buy him a expensive gift and he wanted a cactus for his new apartment. So today i got him a cactus and i am planning on making a cake and buying a cool helium balloon, i am a student so can't afford many fancy gifts and he isn't a materialistic person at all.

But a girl friend of mine told me that wasn't enough because for her boyfriend she bought a trip and perfume and bunch of other things, and a fancy dinner.. she has a full time job, no education though.

So im like well he wanted a cactus..


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  • It's the thought that counts, guys don't care how much money you spent on them.


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  • You have not been dating long, and you don’t have a lot of extra cash. He will not expect a bunch of stuff form you. Honestly I think a homemade cake is plenty.

  • I'm sure your boyfriend is grateful for everything you do for him (:


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