Why should a man never give up on trying to get a girlfriend, despite his age and inexperience? why isn't it ever too late?

Because i've heard of some guys being in their early 30's, yes, seriously, early 30's who are still a virgin and never had a girlfriend before, and some even early 40's as well!, yet people will say the old classic annoying phrases "it's never too late, better late than never, you have plenty of time, etc."

Like i read in some recent news articles about Japan, about many guys who are in their 30's, some even 40's who are still a virgin, one of them they interviewed a man who was a 41 year old virgin, never had a girlfriend before, man, the way i see it, if a man reaches that age without ever being with a woman, he should just give up, or only have sex with hookers/escorts, forget about ever having companionship, a relationship with a woman.

There are times I hate, detest being born male
And I often feel bitter, resentful towards Women because I feel its easy for them to enjoy their youth
I wonder why so very few girl responses


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  • i guess because the desire does not go away


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  • i guess some people are too overly optimistic

    • which tends to bother and annoy me

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    • Ya tell me about it

    • Love your updates

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  • If you give up, you must not want it that badly. An adult relationship is far from an unattainable dream.

  • Because failure is not an option.

  • i hate people for being like this

  • Work on yourself from weight loss to weightlifting even plastic surgery. Even the playing field

    • Don't see how that will help

    • Better yourself for your own benefit not theirs and reap the rewards

    • why would it give me rewards?