Is he too old? Or is it acceptable?

I'm not sure if I should be concerned for my friend or not. I wasn't until other people told me it's wrong
my friend is 17 and she is mature for her age but the guy she's been talking to is 23 almost 24.
I've known this guy for about a year and she's known him for about 3 years it's only been the last 2 months they've become closer. From what I know they haven't slept together and she's still a virgin. He is a respectful & mature guy but should I be concerned?
Her parents know him and are friendly with him but I'm not sure they know that something's going on. Should I speak to her parents, her or what?
I trust him but should I take extra precautions?


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  • Yeah better tell them about it.


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  • Tell her parents. He might be respectful, but they have a right to know. I highly doubt that she would tell them. You never know - her safety could be at risk. Better to be safe, right?


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  • An age gap doesn't really matter in my opinion. She's 17 now but what happens when she's 18? Will those friends even give a shit once she legally an "adult"? Or what about a 47 and a 54 year old? Noone gives a shit that age gap. An age gap gets less important as you get older. Age doesn't define a person as bad if they are dating a younger person, it's the actions that they do. I think you should just let her deal with it as she is old enough to handle these kind of situations and if it works out that is great :) but if you feel like taking extra precautions you might stop what could have been. You never know this guy could be her future husband, what if you prevented what could have happend?

    • Thank you :) I wasn't really concerned at all until other people got in my ear and because I'm really protective I just questioned my instincts a little. I might just have a chat to her and let her know I'm always there for her and I'll support her as long as she's happy and healthy

  • Legally, it's wrong. If the guy was about 20-21 I'd say nothing wrong but he's a bit old for a 17 year old girl.


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  • It's nothing. I'm 20 and can go up to 15 years older.

  • It's none of your business. You can talk to her as a friend but if you mention it to her parents without her permission you should forget about your friendship.

    • And that's how people get into abusive relationships.

    • That's what I thought but she's like my little sister I'd do whatever I can to keep her safe but you're right