How to make so that he took a first step?

im 17 years old girl. This year is my last year at school. So I like a guy. And I feel that he likes me too. He always supporting conversations with me, helps me with school work and I don't know just he has slight things of attention. And one more I heard his friends joke about his special attitude to me. But there is a problem, he is in friendships with girls who i in a bad relationships. They always talk to him about me bad things and ask him not to communicate with me. I can't say that this girls and he are a big friends. I Want him closer to me but I can't do the first step. How to make so that he took a first step?


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  • You need to tell him something like, "This is our last year of school. I've been hoping that we would spend more time together."


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  • Bring up an event or movie he'd like to see. Mention it casually somehow, "That movie about XYZ looks great." See if he bites the bait and asks you to go with him.

    • He won't, he is a shy guy. And we are always surrounded by people (