How much of an importance does the face play in choosing a suitable mate?

I was lucky to be born with a symmetrical face, as well as nice skin. Apparently, this is the best kind of a facial structure you can have. How big of an impact does it play for you in trying to find a partner?


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  • I am not attracted to every attractive people

    So, I obviously won't feel attracted people that I might find less attractive.

    Keeping that in mind, it's not too important but I have to be able to look at his face and feel comfortable.

    If you are just talking a out the facial structure, zero importance.

    I don't notice it too much unless someone points it out.


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  • If a girl has a cute face, and isn't a complete bitch, that's all that matters really. A nice body would be a plus, but as long as she isn't obese I'd be very attracted to her.


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  • it doesn't really matter much to me.. i prefer guys who are interesting and have a great personality.. the looks are a plus..

  • It's not the number one priority. I mean i won't date a guy only because he has a nice face. It's a plus specially if you know how to dress nicely and take care of your hygiene because that really does matter.


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