Whats a good response if a girl says she doesn't want to date because of your past?

A girl i asked out said she could see it happening but it maybe shouldn't. I used to be best friends with her brother sam until he moved. Now i dont hang out with him just her and she says she would see it kind of weird. Its been about 5 years since sam and i hung out but we used to every day. Other than that she likes me though.

how do i respond? Should i ask to talk to sam and see if he wouldn't care?

p. s. Happy birthday to me ­čśôLol


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  • Yes, if what worries her is her brother, I think it's ok to offer to talk with him. I would appreciate that gesture if I was her.

    Happy birthday :)


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  • She probably feels weird because your friends with her brother making it a bit awkward. Ask her to try it out maybe? And see how it goes. Depends where you want it to go.

  • I don't know why it's weird. But just say if she ever changes her mind to let you know


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