Guys how can I know if someone likes me and wants to talk to me more? is the smile or checking me a sign?

Smiling and checking out girls mean something or its something normal for you guys? Please I need your help guys

But I am very shy person! So when someone smiles to me and look at me I try to look to another side to avoid the eye contact! I am worried if they think I am not interested! Guys any idea?


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  • Checking someone out is one thing. Smiling and eye contact are another. If he's making eyes at you and smiling a lot, he's likely interested

    • But I am shy girl! When he smiles to me and look at me I look to somewhere else to avoid the eye contact! Ian very shy but I am worried if he thinks I dont like him so he doesn't talk to me or ask me to go out? Do you think he believes I dont like him😓

    • If you keep avoiding him like this, yes, he'll eventually give up. Just looking at him is harmless. You don't have to run up to him or anything, just avoid expressions or body language that says "don't approach me" or that he makes you uncomfortable with his presence. If you like him, you should smile back at him. Don't count on him being psychic

    • Thank you

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  • Checking a girl out doesn't mean much when I do it beyond meaning that I think you are attractive. I only smile to the girls who have really caught my attention.

  • Don't over think

  • Those are both good signs. Talk to him!


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