Would girls date a non douchey mexican guy?

I recently saw a post about how chicks don't like mexicans because they're really swaggy douche type of guys and well I get it. But I was wondering would you date a mexican guy who wasn't all swaggy?


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  • Im mexican but Im not attracted to mexicans so I probably wouldn't.

    • Is it because as mexicans we've been exposed to their whole mexican dogmatic way of thinking. Cause I think thats why I don't like mexican chicks to often

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    • Me too!!! In high school would always get the question "you trying to be white?" Pissed my off! But I do wish I had learned it. lol

    • In high scholl what bothered me most is the fact that in wvwry class I was in if there were mexicans they would look at me like i was stuck up just for actually being smart and trying in class. That made me mad because people would always associate mebwith them just because my ethnicity is mexican

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  • I am scared after one almost broke my neck during salsa dancing -_-
    And my friends told me... come on he is Mexican. Thats normal for him.

  • I like mexican guys. So, I would.

  • Oh, yeah. I would.


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