My boyfriend just invite me to coffee or something like that and doesn't buy me gifts and always ask me to go home and have fun and sex there?

Is this is normal? Or he doesn't love me! He always says the important thing is to be together! I do enjoy to have sex with him but I think if he really loves me he will buy me some gifts and take me out to restaurant! What do you think?


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  • Love isn't based on material gain.
    If you equate love with that then, maybe you're better off with a multi-billionaire who will buy you expensive things that other women don't have (just an opinion).


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  • I don't think buying you gifts defines love, just because he buys you something doesn't mean he loves you visa versa. If all you are doing is sleeping together and you don't really go out and interact in public then there's something up, he should be showing you off and treating you to a nice meal once in awhile. Sounds like he is using you for sex, maybe discuss it with him, ask him if he wouldn't mind going on a nice date every now and then rather then the same routine over and over.