Girls, is she interested?

Alright so I've recently reacquainted with a girl I haven't seen since middle school and now I'm a sophomore. I've noticed her glancing at me a couple times and seemed generally interested in me so I got her info and started texting her. We have some good conversations by text and seems interested but when I want to talk to her at school, she avoids me and when I do talk to her, she doesn't make eye contact, seems really nervous/uncomfortable and stares at the floor. When I'm talking to her friends, she also seems to go to another part of the room instead of normally talking to them. Is she trying to lay me off gently or seems intimidated?


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  • She likes you, don't worry. I behave like that when I'm interested in a guy, I just get nervous and don't no how to act. but I'm completely fine over text. I think she might be the same way. Don't worry, she likes you but perhaps just talk to her a little more over text and become a little more comfortable with each other, hangout with each other (just you to), and do tasks/ activities that arn't pressurised (so not an actual date- not at first anyway) just meet up with each other chat and hang out for couple of hours. Maybe ask her why she behaves like that and get her to open up a little.

  • A 45 year old sophomore? Did you lie about your age, or are you lying about being in school? We can't give you decent advice if you are not honest and upfront about your situation.

    • The first, I just need some opinions and probably won't use this site afterwards, sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Oh, okay... no worries. In that event, I would say she is either painfully shy, anxious about her friends view your potential as a couple, or not interested and trying not to hurt your feelings. Some people are just uncomfortable interacting with the opposite sex in public. I guess the fun part now is figuring out which of those three she might be.