He hits on me for days and asks me out, but then at the last moment says he's busy?

I've known this really cute guy for a week now and we've been flirting all the time, we'd really hit it off in just a few days... and on Friday he asked me several times to go out for coffee the next day. So everything was going great but at the last minute he told me he had work to do and couldn't make it. Which was obviously an excuse, plus I saw his friends tag him in a photo at a bar... What bugs me the most is that I wasn't the one to start all of this in the first place but now I'm the one feeling let down.
I guess my question is why do you think he did that and what should I do if he asks me out again?


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  • Make a list of your best insults so they will be in your head if he ever asks you again.


What Girls Said 1

  • sounds sketchy... i wouldn't trust him but you do what you feel. go with your gut feeling and if you still think he'd be worth another try at a date then go for it. benefit of the doubt i suppose