What would you do if you knew someone wasn't interested? perspective please?

I had a long convo with someone on this topic. Ibe alway been the type to move on when I see someone is not interested. I feel like your wasting each others time. And your hurting yourself chasing someone who doest want you. Like what could you do.. Nothing.. But move on correct. The person I was talking to. Thought it was something wrong with just moving on. Saying the person moving on was selfish. I didn't understand their perspective. How do you view it, and what would you do if you were feeling someone that didn't feel the same?


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  • If the other person tells you clearly that they aren't interested or shows signs of it, never give it a second thought. There are many people in this world and you would eventually meet the rught person. So i always prefer getting it two sided, if i smell that the other person is not interested, i move on, like run away!!!(from that person, of course)


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