Girls, how do tell the girl I like that I like her?

So I was casually texting this girl and out of the blue she asks who I like. I told her I'll text her about it later but until then I haven't told her. So what should I text her? If I should tell her how should I say it and what should I say? Thank you so much.


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  • Omg! You had the perfect opportunity to just say I LIKE YOU! When she asked. So now you need to say "I've been thinking about what you asked and I can only come up with one name, yours!"

  • You should say it casually if you are going to do it in text. If you make it seem casual and if you come off confident then I'm sure she will love that because it shows that you aren't afraid to tell her.

    • What would be a good example of casual?

    • Something like "Hey you asked me who I liked and I like you, I think your cute and cool" something like that. It comes off casual but she will smile when she reads it