Call for date turnoff?

WTF I just called her for a date and she ask if she can come with a common friend/colleague? Despite I made a clear message this was a date

Why the hell she did that?

What should I do?

How should I drop off the date?

This lack of confidence totally turned me off...


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  • Wow, bet that didn't feel to good and caught you off guard! If she's insecure maybe ask her if she would feel more comfortable going on a double date...Talk to her...Maybe she had plans with her pal but didn't want to miss a date with you...:? Maybe she's very shy...? Tell her you are not comfortable with the arrangement and that she can let you know when she has some "alone" time to share...Do something though...You'd end up sulking all date night and not have a good time and still be out $150 :-) Best of luck. Cheers!


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  • Why don't you bring a guy friend and make it a double date?

  • she probably did that so her friend could analyze you. she might have wanted her to see if you were good for her or something like that.

    as for what you should do, follow your instincts. if you don't want to deal with her friend, fake a phone call. suddenly remember something you have to do. just make sure that you make it VERY clear that this is a one on one date, not a double.


What Guys Said 1

  • How could you agree to this? A simple "No" at the outset would have solved everything. Now you've made a date, and are expected to keep it.

    P.S.: I hope you picked something cheap.