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So I have gone out with this guy a few times. Last time I saw him he said we would go out on Saturday, which was yesterday. I hadn't heard from him so yesterday I texted him to confirm plans. He said he forgot and was hanging out with friends. I basically said that was crappy and he apologized. So then I told him it doesn't seem like he's all that interested and, if so, don't waste my time. No response. So I texted him today and said sorry if it was rude and he said something like you're good. I understood what you were saying. So does that mean I was right and he is not interested?


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  • Maybe the conclusion that he may not have been interested was a little too quick... especially after his apology. He's obviously a little upset now though he was wrong of course. Forgetting a girl you like is "not done" :o
    Maybe let a day or 2 go over it and than propose to give it another try, and that you'd enjoy a good chat about the unfortunate situation. Maybe some nice communication will than be able to repair things :D


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  • He is not that interested. Forget about him and move on.


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  • He isn't interested. If he was he wouldn't have "forgot"


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