Guys please help?

I've been talking to my guy friend for over a month now h all day everyday I'm into him but I can't tell if he is into me. We go out to the movies and exc he pays even when I don't want him too. What do I do? I talked to him about being interested an he said he's wasn't looking for a relationship right now. We tease each other and flirt but I don't know where this is going, I'm also afraid my feelings are gonna grow Stronger. We've had the discussion where we both trust eachother and care about one another. He makes an effort to make in better moods when I'm frustrated or sad. I don't know what to do :/


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  • Tell him when he is ready to call IF you're still single and move on

    • What do You mean?

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    • Yes it is

    • Alright :-(

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  • He already told you that he is not looking for a relationship atm, which means he is not that interested. Stop pressuring things.

    • No ones pressuring anything miss anonymous. I'm getting mixed signals here if you read the entire thing

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    • Prob looking too much into it bc I'm into him :/

    • Look, if someone wants you, if they truly want you BADLY enough, they won't say crap like "I am not ready for a relationship". They will make you feel worthy. You should be with someone who admires you, reminds you of your worth and is passionate for you. That's always the best choice.