Why do you have to like yourself for other people to like you?

It's so fucking unfair! I can't like myself, I can't, I can't, I fucking can't! Dammit, humans don't even care about anyone, it's just like, whoever's the shiny new fucking object, that's why everyone loves fucking extroverts, because they're not actual people, just shiny objects that easily grab attention. I can't love myself, no matter what, how the fuck do I even love myself if no one else does? And then people are always so shitty to guys like me, everyone always blames people like me for hating mankind, but, why wouldn't I, when other people have always treated me like shit? Anyway, back on topic, why do I have to love myself to be loved in return, it's not fair, I will never be loved, ever!!! HAHAHAHA


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  • I understand how you feel. I used to struggle with liking myself because I felt like everyone else was better than me. I thought that my problems made me unequal to others, and that no one could ever care about me. I didn't help that people were not very nice to me. I think that this may be what you are going to. You just need to realize that have gifts and talents and a purpose for your life. You need to try to ignore those other people. Just try to see the good in yourself and acting confident. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Even if many people treat you poorly, there are still people that will like you.


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  • Because what you feel inside shows on the outside, when you love yourself you love yourself enough to be accepted to be loved by other people. And if you don't then it'll start to eat you alive

    • Well, I can't love myself

  • You should probably get some counseling, you sound like you're struggling with some internal stuff.


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