I don't know what is my problem?

When it comes to girls I am just so clueless, I am always second guessing myself on whether a girl likes me or not. I am so used to getting rejected that if they do like me, and I am wondering I just figure that they must not like me or they won't and don't make a move. Recently, I have been thinking because I am looking for more of a long-term more meaningful relationship, all my other friends are just looking for a fling and talk about their exploits and all that other stuff. My thing is I haven't had sex and just don't have the "game," to take things that way. Then on the other hand the previous opportunities I have had I couldn't really capitilized on the thing, because I was scared to move things forward. I am religious, but I am not going to use that as the reason. It is part of the equation, but at the same time I think I am scared. I just sit down and wonder what my problem is that why my friends are looking for flings, I rather wait and get a long term relationship and wait till I get married. On the other hand most girls would probably think that I am gay even though I know for sure that I am not. Looking for advice.


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  • if you don't have the experience be creative ask the girl about her needs. Men fail when they don't care what the girl want then they get rejected and ask why they were rejected. if the girl goes out with you beyond a second date it means she likes you, so put on some effort to impress her beyond that.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think that the several rejections have made something like a wall inside you. we are that twisty your mind have built a wall between you and this topic to prevent you from getting hurt. and really it's your own will is the only thing that could get over this wall.