Girls do u find yourself more into older guys?

Hey girls wondering if it's just me Or is there many of U who feel the same. I find myself more attracted to older guys and what I mean is like to me guys in their early -mid 30s just seem so hot to me I know a relationship wouldn't escalate anyway as we are at difference stage in life but for a hook up or casual dating. I just find guys my age are so immature and boring (sorry ) to me. Even if it's just a casual thing I like to be able to have a real convo with a guy. Last year I dated a 36yearold for 5 months. I know there was a big age gap and even though it was casual thing we did go on a lot of dates and would have deep convos. And even though we're not together anymore I still find him so hot and look up to him and look and go to him for advice. What's the biggest age gap u have dated? He was 16 years older than me.


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  • I have to admit that, in 1999, I was into two women: 1 was almost 16 years younger than me (she just turned 21 and I was 36) and the other was 15.5 years older than me (she was 51/52 at the time). Sadly, I never got into a relationship with either. I think those relationships would have failed anyway, but not because of the age difference. By the end of 1999, I met my wife (who was 42) and she is 5.5 years older than me.


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  • My boyfriend is 34, and I'm 22. I've also usually been attracted to older guys, for many of the same reasons you do. It's not that there aren't guys in my age range who are mature and capable of deep conversation... I have just never clicked with any of them in a romantic way. My boyfriend is really perfect for me though, and I for him. We aren't together because we like to date older or younger, but because we make a good team. I barely think about his age, to be honest.

    My family was kind of weirded out by it at first, but that was the only problems we've had. They love him now, lol

    • Am glad it worked out good for you and you found someone perfect for you 😍 Sometimes it can work and other times not X I find it depends on the couple and were they r in there life. When I dated my guy I was 19/20 and my life resolved around college/ clubbing and drinking and he was in a steady job Owned a house And was ready for marriage and kids.


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  • I personally have a limit to the age I feel comfortable being with. I say 2 - 4 years is as far as I could go for. I just seem to not like guys my age, too immature.

  • No, I prefer my age. I would actually rather go a few years younger than older. I'm only attracted to older if they look younger. For me mature=boring. I need someone young and playful like me. The oldest I dated was 4 years older. That's a bit too much. Max is 2 years older.