Does my girlfriend owe me an apology or do I owe her one?

I was having a really bad day and my girlfriend was nagging me about stuff. It was a bad day and i got mad cause she told me to do something then i took her purse and threw it on the ground a told her to shut up for once. Well how was i to know she had a littler mirror in there and it shattered.

She got mad at me and said what i did was extremely rude. I told her, her nagging me was rude. In all honesty i do feel bad but should i apologize? or should she? i just had a bad day but it is getting better


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  • You both should apologise to each other. Tell her you chucked her purse on the floor because you didn't appreciate her being angry and you were already having a bad day. Then say, I chucked your purse, and told you to shut up and I broke your mirror (insert apology)

    • i already called her and things are ok. We will talk again tomorrow, but thanks

    • Good job man. And no worries

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  • I think each owes an apology. However, you would do well to offer yours first, seeing as the whole situation is clearly bothering you and you want to resolve it. If you apologize first, you are not only showing your good will, but also providing an opportunity to explain why you felt the way you did and acted the way you did.

    • i will say sorry first.


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  • I'm sorry but this made me laugh. She'll get over the mirror. And the argument. It sounds silly sitting on this end hun😊

    • i know it's dumb thing to fight about but i was having a bad day :( She kept telling me to go shopping with her (grocery) but i wasn't in the mood. I guess i'll just say sorry

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    • That's good
      Kinda figured you would smooth things over fairly easy

    • yeah

  • I think you should apologize. She should too, tho. But b the better person and apologize first...

    • I guess i'll just say sorry first

  • You should both apologize to each other. It's best if you start though because it proves that you're strong enough to move past your pride.

    • i did call her and said sorry

  • You owe her an apology! you had a bad day fair enough but you took it out on her! She might be nagging but she was nagging because she cares be worried when she stops nagging!

    • she was nagging me to go to the grocery store with her and talk about it in the car. I dind't want to as i was not in the mood. so then should i apologize first?

    • So? just tell her you've had a bad day you'll go later no need lose your rag!

    • i'll call her and say sorry later tonight

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  • You should apologize. Next time your having a bad day and she starts nagging you, tell her that you've have a day and to please hold off and if she doesn't, that your going for a walk. If she continues on you, go out for a walk and get some air.