Are stretch marks common? I'm surprised how many people I've seen with stretch marks on their body. Even young fit people. I don't have any. Do you?

If so, how many, and what caused it?


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  • I was quite overweight earlier. Now, after I lost all those extra pounds, I do have some 'stretch marks' (I don't know if I can call them that) around my belly and other areas which were fat earlier.


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  • I don't have any but many people to simply due to either growth and/or weight gain. I started developing very young at a reasonably slow pace and have been the same size since I was 10, so I don't have any stretch marks. However, people that hit growth spurts and have quick growth in certain parts of their body may possibly get stretch marks. Pregnant women get stretch marks from their stomach stretching in a short period of time and it's no different than how skin stretches when your body grows quickly.


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  • This is literally like asking "is pubic hair common? It seems to grow on everyone."

    Honestly you are old enough to know better and not add to teenage insecurities.

    • How am I adding to teenage insecurities? Every adult who is human grows pubes obviously but not everyone has stretch marks cos I don't have them. so what's your point?

    • Everyone gets stretch marks at some point in their life. And yes, that is true. I'm asking how a grown woman can be oblivious to that and add to the idea that stretch marks are out of the ordinary.

      You know some poor teenager is going to click through here and then start wondering what's wrong with them that they do have them. You're older than me. I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

  • Yes stretch marks are very common and often not your fault. I have stretch marks as well on my hips and boobs. They grew way too fast when I was younger and this is the result. If you don't have them then you're just lucky.