Girls, Do girls really take rejection hard, even if it's accidental?

I was out on a date (2nd ), started kissing at the end and after a minute, I just pulled away completely and called it a night ( my heads a mess atm, unrelated issue ) and she stormed off...
She has ghosted me, So would a girl really see this as a rejection if she was unaware of my mental space at that moment?

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  • If she is now ghosting you it should be sort of obvious that she is offended and feeling rejected. If you want to hear from her again you need to apologize and explain what was going on that caused it. Good luck to you! She might come around

    • I know :( major awkwardness

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    • Haha yes probably BS. She didn't want to let you know it really bothered her, but she had probably been going over the scenario in her head over and over, wondering what went wrong. At least she moved on from it!

    • Nah, she told me to find someone else :(
      It happens lol


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