If you've used a dating site/app, did you ever ignore someone based on their grammar/language mechanics?

I'm just curious. Someone messaged me, and he seems sweet enough, but I found his terrible punctuation surprisingly offputting and almost didn't respond. I did end up replying, though. I'm hoping it bothers me less as time goes on, haha.


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  • I have lol. I know I may not speak proper English all the time or might misspell words at times but I try my best to be as correct as possible and when I've read some of the emails and it takes a while to even decode it or I can't ever come up with what is trying to be said I can't deal with that. I need someone on at least the same level I am with English and spelling, my boyfriend now does stuff like u instead of you and stuff like that and it's sorta frustrating still but he's not nearly as bad as some men I've got messages from.


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  • I am not a native English speaker, but I can use your, you're, they're, their, there properly. If your incapable of using them the write way, then they're is a problem...


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