How does a short ugly guy like me get a girlfriend?


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  • Well 1. you're not ugly and 2. being short has nothing to do with getting a girlfriend. Just be who you are. There is nothing wrong with how you look and if you find someone who is worthy of being your SO, they will not care how you look. They will look at you as if you put the stars in the sky. Remember, "perfection is all in perception." You may end up being someones world. You're only twenty-two. You're young and you have plenty of time to meet people. You don't need anything serious right now, so maybe you should just have fun, meet some girls. If you feel as if you're ready for a serious relationship, just show them the person you are. You'll find the one who sees your flaws and loves them and all of you to pieces. <3


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  • get elevator lifts for your shoes.


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  • You see, I will be pissed if you are fishing for comments and it kinda sounds like you are.. but you are cuter than many and I like short guys again they are cute.

    • Naa it was a serious question not fishing for comments ha I'm 22 going to be 23 in Feb and still haven't had a girlfriend or anyone interested or anything like that its a little discouraging sometimes

    • Well I would say it depends on the town you live in, big small, etc and if you are shy or an outcast. Don't worry your time will come. Remember even ugly guys get girlfriends, and since you are not ugly you are bound to get one before they do!

  • Its all about the personality

  • Be yourself.


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