How does a long distance relationship work?

So I met this guy on kik he seems pretty legit and he's not a perv. I really like him but I can't really tell if he likes me... We have a lot in common he's really easy to talk to and to relate to and he's just super sweet. But how can I tell if he likes me and if he does how would a long distance relationship work?


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  • "How does a long distance relationship work?" Poorly.


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  • You'll know if he likes you over time. In most cases, unless one partner or the other is willing to relocate then the long distance relationship will slowly but surely fail. This may be an exception if you live within an hour or so away from each other. But sooner or later you will probably want more from a romantic connection than cute chats online or video chats. You are going to crave their touch, kiss, and fantasize about what it's like to be held by them. Once you get a taste of it, you will want more and more. That's when it's likely that the whole long distance thing starts to become problematic. I've tried it before and would not do it again unless one of us was willing to relocate.


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  • It doesn't

  • if you wanted it to work then it would work...

    you may need to be patient to get it going..


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