Why do men ask if we are married and then ask us out and they are the married ones?

So if I hadn't asked if he was married and assumed since he asked me that he has values... Would I be guilty of sleeping with or even dating a married man? What is my role in making sure he is ok to date? I figured he checked to see if I was married he must respect marriage. So I didn't ask till later but still before accepting a date.


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  • Sounds like a tangled web of intrigue... I think the guys have a warped sense of chivalry... either that or they don't want to get a visit from an angry husband...


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  • You just always have to ask the married question. You can go for it by asking things like "Do you have any roomies? Ever been married?" Even when you straight up ask they'll lie to you, so you just have to do your best :c

    • I mean I ran into the guy twice at the coffee shop and we talked in line and I was in a jury so I took off after I got my drink. Then a few months later it seemed by fate we met again he called to me by name hugged me and asked my number after clarifying I am single. I was in a hurry jammed to get to the gym he texted me I answered then he made plans to meet and joked mentioned sex But it occurred to me I never asked if he was married and he said he was when I did ask

    • Ugggggggggh that's the worst. I'm sorry :c At least he was honest with you.

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  • Same reason my grandma and grandpa were married for 71 years, people are not the same.


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