Online dating -> Meeting in real life?

So recently, I was talking to this guy on app called 'Whisper.' We hit it off so I gave him my number and snapchat name. I've seen him on video and pictures and I know he's legit, and the same for him. We've really hit it off and the conversation has gone quite, erm, smutty.

So now, we plan to meet up and if it goes well, have sex. I've not had sex yet and he knows this so he's taken it into account - I am ready to have sex, though. There's chemistry between us that I cannot deny and I want to meet him - badly. Any advice?


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  • ... I think you should be more concerned about if whether or not this "stranger" has some sort of disease, sleeping with random people and having little to no clue about their health background is something that should be everyones concern when considering to sleep with them on the first date.


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  • I met a guy on tinder and we met up a few times and did end up sleeping together, he was the sweetest guy. So take a chance because you never know he might be Prince Charming, ( but bring a knife just incase he turns out not to be)


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  • Use protection.

  • Hell at least 20% of chicks I pull are from tinder nowadays, And they are hotter too cos there are many options on tinder lol go for it


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