Met an amazing guy but we don't speak the same language?

So I went on a trip and I met this guy working in a small corner shop. After a couple of days he asked for my number and I gave it to him, he was probably the first guy I give my number too, always have declined. So now we talk and all but the problem is that he speaks Persian, I don't know how to speak Persian well but he doesn't really mind So should I like actually continue this or just stop talking I really do like this guy and all


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  • Love has no language boundaries. You can always communicate with each other or learn each other's languages. I think it's actually a very interesting experience. I really wouldn't mind dating a girl if we are hugely attracted to each other if we don't know each other's languages. You can always teach him your language and learn Persian as well. Nothing better than learning new languages.


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  • If he speak some English, I don't see it as a problem. However, if he does not know any English, it may be hard to communicate. You are the judge here. You think about it and how important communicating is for you.