Is she actually busy vs just not interested?

I met this girl the other day at a camp and I feel like we hit it off quite well. So fast forward to now, a few days later. I've tried asking her to study (we're in the same class together in college) but she keeps being busy (if she's interested she'll make time yada yada). My first instinct is to assume she isn't interested and move on but the problem is that we're in college. We actually are busy all the time. It's hard for me to find a hole in my schedule long enough to even ask her to do stuff so I could easily see her actually being too busy if she's focusing on school and whatnot and doesn't want to rush around. And both times I've asked, she's sort of explained what she was doing and we talked a bit after, so it doesn't sound like she's just trying to get rid of me. But maybe she's just being nice? Any advice on this?


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  • It doesn't seem to me like she is actually interested in a relationship.


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  • She's likely not interested. No one can be 'busy' 24x7. What about weekends? Or evenings? She can't spare even an hour or two?

    Seems to me like you'd just be wasting your time, if you pursue her further.

    • Well, to be fair, I haven't known her for a weekend yet. Met her last Saturday so it's really only been three days and also during midterms. And I also didn't ask her in a "get together some time" manner because I'm only really available during certain parts of the day. So I asked her to get lunch on Monday and then to meet sometime after 7:30 today. So it's not as though I've given her a ton of breathing room to schedule. I don't know. Does this change anything or am I just making wishful excuses?

    • Well... in that case, just ask her what time/day would be preferable for her to meet up. If she mentions a specific day and time, it means she's interested. But if she is unsure, or says something like "I'm not sure, let me check", then it's certain that she isn't interested.


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  • I had work, school, and lecture time before. No way a person be that busy. I worked Wednesday through Sunday, school from 7am to 3 pm weekdays , then work from 4pm to 12pm. So I'm booked on weekdays. Saturday I work and that's about it, so anything before that is free time, Sunday I go to church then free time then work. So I kinda know what busy is but heck... My guess is tell her to let you know when she's available. And roll from there.