Ex texts me out of the blue and says he's doing really good... why?

So I stopped talking to my ex. I ignored one of his texts then 3 weeks later he texts me and says" i'm not sure if you hate me cause you ignored my last text but i'm doing really good and I hope you are too"

Why did he have to text me to tell me that he's doing reallt good? I never asked him how he's doing. :(


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  • What does it matter what he's doing? Look, if you're over him, continue to ignore him. Don't lead him on by responding, in case he's actually not over him.

    Or if you're not over him yourself, stop sitting in the bush and just reply.


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  • haha wow, i literally just did this to my ex today. I texted him to ask how he was doing and he never replied, so today i sent him a message saying "hey all good if you dont want to reply, i just wanted to let you know there's no hard feelings and i hope you're doing really well" or something along that vein.

    for me i sent it more for myself than anything - it feels nice to express that youve forgiven the past and still accept the other person, and yes it would be nice to clear the air with that person but if they're not ready or aren't interested in talking, its a bit sad but ultimately thats okay because you're at peace with everything


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  • You do know it's impossible for guys to get over a girl, it's like you give someone a slice of your pizza (heart) now that slice is yours, it's does not matter what you do with it, he cannot take it back we are programmed Iike that..


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