What should I do when my boyfriend ignores me and uses excuses everytime I see him in person?

My boyfriend says he to "busy" to answer his phone. I get it, but he uses that excuse all the time... But I got on Facebook one day and he posted a pic of him eating a giant bag of doughnuts and drinking coffee. I messaged him he still hasn't replied in 2 weeks and when I see him at school he sometimes ignores me once in a while we talk but not all the time. We only hold hands once it like he is embarrassed of me and he mention marriage once...


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  • I dont think you are actually together anymore... I think he has tried to phase you out.

    I recommend dumping him and moving on, you are a pretty 16 year old girl I am sure there are other guys who will treat you better :)

  • So he hasn't replied to you in 2 weeks and he ignores you while you are at school? I think your relationship is suffering and you should consider breaking up with him. He sounds completely indifferent.