He likes me but thinks I'm out of his league?

A guy I really like isn't making a move because he's a bit frustrated with the situation. I found out recently he feels the same way by a friend, the problem is that he's younger, and he's one of those guys who's very traditional and wants to be the man to make the 1st move. (Which is totally fine by me because I'm the type of girl that likes that shit)

But I don't care about age. He's actually quite mature compared to guys I know that are my age. Only thing is he doesn't know how I feel, and I think he's too scared to even bother making a move or show interest due to the age situation and how I even feel. If he's the type of guy who wants to pursue, what can I do or say to give him a hint I'm interested without making it look like im pursuing him and end up scaring him off?


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  • Given your scenario I'm not sure if you can. I had a similar problem with a friend of mine who I liked that is older and is more of your stereotypical cute girl and lives over 1000 miles from myself (We are/met in college). Because of all of this, I have never done anything. It is until recently that I've realized that she graduates this spring and I don't and the thought of loosing her forever terrifies me. That is what finally got me to do something. However, looking back, I don't think there would have been anything she could have done shy of asking me out herself that would have gotten me to do anything. Be friendly and be there for him. Make him know that you like him as well as then he at least knows if he tries you will say yes. It would help him make that decision. It would have helped me.

    • Thank you! Yeah, that's basically how I feel the situation is with us. I'm afraid to text him sometimes because he rarely does and don't want to come off too much, so the times I do see him I try my best to keep the convo going and give little hints I like him. I guess we'll see how it goes.

    • If you two are good friend don't be afraid to be so. Hanging out and doing things in groups is a great was to spend time together without there being any pressure. Be good friends, in my opinion, it makes the transition better and good luck.

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  • As i guy, give him a little more attention that the rest, remember stuff he told you and reference it (makes him notice you care, subtley), if you're in a group try to get him in 1 on 1 situations (therea nothing we guys hate more than making the firat move infront of an audience, examples go to get drinks, something to eat etc) and make eye contact a lot of it (some physical contact wouldn't) and tell him you had fun with him etc.

    I kinda blew off a girl who was older than me well to be hinest i was 18 and she was 23, i thought i was out of her league (she was even taller than me) even if she was doing everything i listed above i still did'nt so direct approah is only 100% answer you will get

  • He should move on.

  • Why dont u show him ur true intention instead of playen mind games? Dat shiz will juz make u lose everything in life.


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