Guys, If you dream about someone, in your opinion what do you think it means?

if you dream about someone the first time of meeting them, what do you think it means? do you think it may be a sign? i dreamt about this guy i didn't really speak to, but we were around each other basically the whole night. i just found it crazy how i dreamt about him that night, and i never dreamt about men i been with sexually, or dated.


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  • It really depends... like what was the dream about. If it was a sexual dream or a dream about going out with her or something like that then yes it's a sign. But if it's just a regular dream no one can really know whether it is or not a sign. I have dreams all the time with my friends in them and those are usually not signs of anything.

    • it was a dream that we were dating and that we were in love. he was more in love with me though.

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    • Didn't do it haha

    • Wow sorry wrong answer. I thought this was a different question
      Nothing happened haha


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  • It means nothing. Dreams don't make sense.

  • that you like them!