Can my ex and I get back together?

My ex and I have known each other for almost 2 years, we started dating about 3 months ago, after some issues we broke up and now I really want him back, I don't know how to get him back though, and when i messaged him asking him to be straight forward if i even had a second chance to be with him- he said yeah, every time I think about trying though - I don't because I'm scared. I pushed him away because I never want to be hurt again- but the truth is I wish i never pushed him away. I told him maybe we should break contact for a bit and see and he said "No! I don't want to break contact with you" I also told him of my insecurities that i wouldn't be able to get him back and he said that I don't even have to try because he loves me- I know how he feels he's scared that I am all talk and no walk because I was that way- I told him i loved him but I never proved it.


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  • Getting back together almost never works. You are not different from others who have had that experience. It didn't work the first time; what would be different now?


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  • I don't think you should return back to him. Your previous relationship issues may come back to haunt you. What if it fails again? I've noticed that many people who return to their exes break up again. You should think things through before attempting to give it another try.