Is my sort of boy friend playing me? What does PLAYING mean?

I had a crush on this guy. He knew I had feelings for him and later asked me to my school Halloween Dance. Then he said "who does (my best friends name) like?" I wrote back "idk whyy" and he said "cuz I REALLY like her." Then when I was alone he called me and we talked for a long time. Then he texted me and said he loved me and a few days later he told me how he loved the color of my eyes. Then he said we should "break it off" and I think we're still going to the dance (by the way our relationship was a secret) any advice? I LOVE and I want to date him because I have this feeling (not the one where you're fluttering on the inside, though that one too.) but a gut instinct he and I are meant to be.


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  • Well... he said he really like another girl so. Boys in these ages are in for the fun and excitment, and maybe a bit of romance but not to stick to one girl only. I suggest you focus more in your life. One day you'll meet a man in the right time, when both of you are mature (20+ most probably), who will stick to only you and you only. Also tip, boys who think so much of girls... are risky, not sexy risky, but you'll get heartbroken risky.


What Girls Said 1

  • in my opinion he is probably just entertaining himself. My advice: try and find another suitable guy to go to the dance with. Don't tell him until you have found someone else that agrees to go with you. Then tell him you have other plans. No matter how he reacts, go with the other person. If he wants to know why, tell him it's because the other person isn't keeping you a secret.

    There is no such thing as a secret relationship. When you like someone you want to show them off to the world. You can only be treated badly if you allow it. You got this girl! :)