Girls, I'm shy and quiet, I feel pathetic?

I'm a guy who's shy and quiet. I'm not totally quiet but because I'm shy I prefer to stay quiet a lot of the time. I'm also a bit of a worrier and get panicky sometimes when I desperately want to get something done. I'm told im polite and have been told I'm a gent. I tend and have noticed I use thankyou a lot more than others, but not when it's not needed in my opinion. I just feel so pathetic that im like this. The girls I like, I think why would they want a guy like me, I'm more like a boy than a man.
how can I improve girls? What do you prefer?


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  • i think the quiet shy types are mysterious which in turn makes me more attractive to them. being polite is never something to be ashamed of. not many guys these days are. everyone thinks a guy/girl like me. there is someone out there that will love you for every little weird and funny thing you do. I'm married and i used to think that all that time that i was pathetic and weird and that no one would ever like someone like me. then i met my husband and he loved every weird thing. i used to be shy and quiet in school too. cheer up :) she will find u i promise :)


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  • You are not a boy you are a man because a man should be all those things and don't worry because girls love nice guys like you trust me you are not pathetic you are polite and that's great!

  • You aren't pathetic, Asker. You're having a hard time feeling confident, and you shouldn't have to be feeling like this, but plenty of people struggle with similar issues. Your struggle does not make you weak. You sound very sweet and respectful, any girl with half a brain will count those as positive qualities. You deserve to be loved <3